Evaluation Philosophy

With over 46 years of experience and fluency in all major languages, IERF has successfully issued well over 550,000 credentials evaluation reports for individuals and thousands of colleges and universities, professional organizations, state licensing boards, U.S. government agencies, attorneys and individuals.

With access to IERF’s library that comprises over 35,000 publications, an extensive database and the most advanced technology to support and share research, our skilled multinational and multilingual team of evaluators approaches the evaluation of foreign educational credentials with a thorough knowledge of educational systems both in and outside of the U.S.

IERF’s equivalency policy is determined by examining world educational systems, including the U.S., and how a program best fits into the U.S. system.

The salient criteria are:

  • entrance requirements to the program
  • level of education (primary, secondary, postsecondary, etc.)
  • content of the program
  • purpose of the program (further education, vocational/professional training, etc.)
  • length of the program of study
  • institutional status
  • what the credential gives access to in the country of study
  • practical or clinical components

Each evaluation report represents the considered judgment of at least two qualified credentials evaluators certifying to the validity of the opinion expressed.