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What our applicants and institutions are saying...

“IERF provides us with a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that our applicants’ credentials have been accurately and securely reviewed.”

James Crane, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Brigham Young University

“I would gladly recommend you to my other colleagues who would be needing the same or similar services. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream to be a nurse in Texas! All this was only possible because of the services you provided.”

Marinen Maglente (country of study: Philippines)

“The University of Cincinnati loves IERF evaluations. Keep up the great work!”

Jason Chambers, Assistant Director of International Transfer Admissions, University of Cincinnati

“Thank you! Your service was delivered in a timely manner and my wife and I will soon achieve our career goals and use your reports to practice as physiotherapists (physical therapists) in the U.S.”

Parag Agarwal (countries of study: Canada and India)

“I will definitely recommend your agency to others! Thank you for your evaluation report. I used it to become licensed as a teacher in the state of Nevada.”

Editha Soliman (country of study: Philippines)

“I really appreciate your kind assistance and exceptional expertise in evaluating my credentials. Again, thank you.”

Josie Matutino (country of study: Philippines)

“I found your presentation incredibly helpful and it’s prompted a discussion amongst our leadership team on how we review documents and how we might shift our policies moving forward”

Jeannie D’Agostino, Assistant Director of Recruitment, Drexel University

“I would like to express my satisfaction with the services provided to me by your Foundation. Aside from being thrilled with the results of my report, IERF staff were responsive and helpful. My concerns and inquiries never fell on deaf ears and staff maintained a professional and trusting working relationship with me throughout. I would gladly recommend you to my friends. Thank you for your services. ”

Sara Lynne Thelen (country of study: France)

“Your reports are detailed and always accurate.”

Suguru Fujiwara, International Transfer Credit and Articulation Specialist, University of Idaho

“I really can’t thank you enough. My enrollment at WGU was not only on time, but was 100% successful in regards to the transfer of my credits and acceptance of my Associate’s Degree.”

Kenio Shirley (country of study: Jamaica)

“Thanks so much for the great presentation on fraudulent credentials.”

Andy Ray, International Student Recruitment Manager, University of Tennessee

“IERF’s staff is extremely helpful, professional, and responsive.”

Annette Ceccotti, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admission, Brandman University

“Thank you for all you do! You are such a joy to work with and we appreciate your diligence and your concerns!”

Patricia Ware, International Admissions, Brigham Young University

“I just received the Index of Academic Calendars & Dates and I want to thank you and your team for putting together such an informative resource.”

Donald White: Education Abroad Advisor & Program Coordinator, Appalachian State University

“I am very pleased with the work your agency has done for me. Thanks to the evaluation I got from you, my education finally got accepted at my work, and last month I got a promotion. I will definitely recommend your services.”

Ingrid Bolechova (country of study: Slovakia)

“Our office staff are highly impressed with the publications in IERF’s Country Index Series.”

Anthony W. Adey, International Student Recruitment Officer, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Thank you for your prompt service and professionalism.”

Kelly F. Bradford (country of study: Canada)

“I wanted to express my gratitude for your services! You gave great costumer and evaluation services. I will recommend your services to anyone.”

Adi Kompel (country of study: United Kingdom)

“IERF’s evaluation reports are easy to review and accurate and the grading scale that IERF provides helps our international evaluators determine admission eligibility.”

Sabrina Cortell, Director of Admissions, San Diego State University

“I have used your services before and I was very much satisfied with the results. This is why I am enlisting your services again. Again, thanks.”

Maria Aileen Alfaro (country of study: Philippines)

“Thank you for your work; not only your books but also your conference presentations and articles available on your website are rich in information that are absolutely essential to credential evaluation. I look forward to learning more from your publications.”

Jean Yoo, Assistant Credentials Assessor, University of Toronto

“Within 24 hours of submitting IERF’s evaluation report, I received my teaching credential from the CTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing). Thank you IERF!”

Gill Spittle (country of study: United Kingdom)