IERF’s mission is to research and share information on world educational systems and to facilitate the integration of individuals educated outside the United States into the U.S. educational environment and work force.

As such, IERF offers country and region-specific training sessions to institutions.

We believe the advantage of our training workshops is that we work with the requesting institution to determine their specific needs. We can then customize a workshop especially for them. Many institutions request a general or introductory course on credentials evaluation, while others request training on the educational systems and academic records of specific countries.

Our most popular training sessions are two-day intensive workshops designed with beginning to intermediate-level admissions officers, counselors, and registrars in mind. These sessions are designed to help develop the resources and skills necessary to evaluate foreign credentials. For example, participants develop a general understanding of foreign educational systems and a step-by-step approach to credentials evaluation. After the workshop, attendees will be able to determine which official records are needed for assessment, the accreditation or recognition status of a school and the level of study represented (e.g., secondary, undergraduate, graduate). Participants will also have the skills to convert units and grades based on the four basic types of credentials (credits-based, hours-based, marks-based and outcome-based credentials).

If you are interested in a training workshop, please e-mail Susan Bedil at Please be sure to include the following in your e-mail:

1. First and Last Name
2. Title
3. Name of Institution
4. Phone
5. What is the purpose of the training?
6. How many staff members would attend the workshop?
7. What are their varying years of experience?
8. Do you have any specific high volume countries which you would like to have covered?
9. Would you prefer to have the training provided on site/online or would you send your staff to IERF?

What our institutions are saying...

“IERF’s staff is extremely helpful, professional, and responsive.”

Annette Ceccotti, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admission, Brandman University

“Our office staff are highly impressed with the publications in IERF’s Country Index Series.”

Anthony W. Adey, International Student Recruitment Officer, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“The University of Cincinnati loves IERF evaluations. Keep up the great work!”

Jason Chambers, Assistant Director of International Transfer Admissions, University of Cincinnati

“IERF’s evaluation reports are easy to review and accurate and the grading scale that IERF provides helps our international evaluators determine admission eligibility.”

Sabrina Cortell, Director of Admissions, San Diego State University

“IERF provides us with a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that our applicants’ credentials have been accurately and securely reviewed.”

James Crane, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Brigham Young University

“I found your presentation incredibly helpful and it’s prompted a discussion amongst our leadership team on how we review documents and how we might shift our policies moving forward”

Jeannie D’Agostino, Assistant Director of Recruitment, Drexel University

“Your reports are detailed and always accurate.”

Suguru Fujiwara, International Transfer Credit and Articulation Specialist, University of Idaho

“Thanks so much for the great presentation on fraudulent credentials.”

Andy Ray, International Student Recruitment Manager, University of Tennessee

“Thank you for all you do! You are such a joy to work with and we appreciate your diligence and your concerns!”

Patricia Ware, International Admissions, Brigham Young University

“I just received the Index of Academic Calendars & Dates and I want to thank you and your team for putting together such an informative resource.”

Donald White: Education Abroad Advisor & Program Coordinator, Appalachian State University

“Thank you for your work; not only your books but also your conference presentations and articles available on your website are rich in information that are absolutely essential to credential evaluation. I look forward to learning more from your publications.”

Jean Yoo, Assistant Credentials Assessor, University of Toronto