Services & Fees

In most cases, an evaluation is required even if an individual has been licensed in another state and practicing in the field for several years, as licensure requirements vary by state. It is therefore recommended that you contact the state Board(s) to determine if an evaluation is needed.

Please understand that if an evaluation is required by the Board, you will not be able to pursue licensure without first getting an evaluation done.

A file number will be assigned and notification will be sent upon receipt of the application.



This report identifies institutions attended, dates of attendance, credential(s) earned, and the United States educational equivalent. It also lists individual courses taken and an overall grade point average (where applicable). A coursework evaluation checklist, which identifies areas of training, is also included.

Please note that evaluation reports may vary, depending on the individual requirements of each state board.

You can apply for three types of licensure:

Vocational/Practical Nurse (LVN/LPN)
Registered Nurse (RN)
Nurse Practitioner (NP)


  • $475 for the first report
  • $150 for each additional report or state requested at the time of application

Processing Time

There are no rush services for nursing licensure evaluations, as copies of all files are forwarded for review to a nursing education specialist, who is employed by IERF.

Please note that the processing time for the evaluation only begins once we have received all required documentation (and/or fees).

Allow a minimum of 6 weeks from the receipt of all required documentation (and/or fees) for your evaluation to be mailed.

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pdf-iconIERF evaluation reports are issued on special Script-Safe paper that cannot be altered.

List of Licensing Boards that Accept IERF Evaluations

California (vocational nursing only)
Michigan (vocational nursing only)
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota

Additional Services

Extra Copies

Copies Requested at the Time of the Application

One official sealed board copy and one applicant copy are included in the report fee. Reports for additional states requested at the time of application cost $150 per report.

Copies Requested After an Evaluation Report Has Been Mailed

Once an evaluation has been mailed, new reports may be obtained using the Request Form for Duplicate/Revised Reports of a Nursing Evaluation. Separate fees apply.

Please note that applicant files and documents are only kept for 5 years.  Returning applicants seeking additional reports after the 5-year period must submit a new application and new fees, and their academic records must be re-submitted.

Photocopying Fee

Please submit a set of photocopies (front and back) of any original documents you submit, including translations. Otherwise, you will be assessed a $20 fee.

Mailing Options

As required by all state boards, your evaluation will be addressed and mailed directly to the board.

Regular Mail

Evaluations are sent via regular mail unless otherwise requested. There is no additional fee for regular mail.

Mailing with a Tracking Service

If you prefer mailing with a tracking service (e.g., UPS, DHL, etc.), we offer the following:

Domestic Secure Mailing for $20 per address
Domestic Next Day Delivery for $35 per address
International Secure Mailing for $75 per address

If submitting original documents, we recommend that you select either Secure Mailing or Domestic Next Day Delivery for the return of your academic records. Please note that the original documents that you submit will not be returned to you via regular mail, unless you instruct us in writing to do so.  IERF accepts no liability related to the loss or damage of documents during mailing.


Payment in the form of a check, cashier’s check, money order or credit card must accompany all applications, and must be payable to IERF.

Overseas payments must be in U.S. dollars and drawn on a United States bank. If payment is being made by a bank draft, an additional $15 processing fee is required.