Required Documentation

Mailed DIRECTLY to IERF by the Institution(s) of Study

Training Verification Form

Please forward the Training Verification Form (TVF) to your educational institution(s), request that they fill out all the information on the form, and that they mail it directly to IERF.

Please note that IERF is not able to accept a TVF that has been mailed by anyone other than the educational institution(s) (e.g., by the applicant, a relative of the applicant, etc.).

Mailed to IERF by the Applicant

Original Academic Records

Please submit the original Diplomas / Graduation Certificates issued in the original language (indicating that a degree/qualification has been earned or that a program of training has been completed).


Translations must be submitted for all records not officially issued in English. These must be in the same format as the original-language documents, line-by-line, word-for-word, and must be typed. IERF reserves the right to request translations prepared by professional translation services.

IERF has negotiated a special discount with University Language Services for our applicants who use their translation services. You can contact them directly through their website to learn more about the discount.

If submitting original translations, please include a set of clear, legible and full-sized photocopies (front and back).  Otherwise, you will be assessed a $20 fee. Photocopies become the property of IERF.

Proof of Name Change

If your name has changed, please submit proof of name change (e.g. copy of a marriage certificate or other legal document, etc.).

Professional License

If you have ever been licensed as a massage therapist, either outside the United States or within, please submit a copy of your license (even if it has lapsed).